Monday, February 05, 2007

Relax Into Stretch - July, 2005

I didn't like "Relax Into Stretch" nearly as much as Pavel's other books. That's obvious from the review. I really do like Tom Kurz' "Stretching Scientifically" at a much lower price.


Not Enough Substance to Outweigh the Hype

Pavel clearly knows some good drills for improving flexibility. However, it's clear that with this more complicated topic, he can't produce anything remotely as innovative as 'Naked Warrior' or 'Power to the People'.

As I said, Pavel knows some good drills and what he does would probably work. However, there are better books on the subject. Tom Kurz' 'Stretching Scientifically' comes to mind.

Unfortunately, Pavel's charisma doesn't really shine through and the hype doesn't save the book from being relegated to also-ran status in the flexibilty manual stakes.

I will say, however, his flexibilty video does better in terms of motivation and this book would work reasonably well with that video. The same can be said of Kurz' video and book, too, though.

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