Monday, February 05, 2007

Power to the People - July, 2005

I read Pavel's books and enjoyed them. I got some good stuff out of them. These reviews still reflect what I think.


Lots of Hype. Good Program, though

Pavel has some good stuff in this book. The book revolves around a simple, high tension, low volume, high frequency program involving two exercises and their variations.

It's good, but it can be pretty much descibed in one page and detailed in five. What we get is a book chock full of marketing hype with a bent towards hyping the Iron Curtain angle.

Pavel is pretty hyped up in the Strength & Conditioning world. He's got good credentials and, more importantly, a great gimmick. The whole Evil Russian thing gets them in by the truckload. I, for one, am happy enough to see Pavel enjoying the fruits of capitalism.

The book covers the side press and deadlift and their variations and a couple of training programs. It is, in a lot of ways the weighted version of his 'Naked Warrior' book.

Insofar as the programs, they work. The logic Pavel presents is great and he doesn't stoop to pseudo-scientific malarky. He recommends what he's found to work, albeit in a very gimmicky fashion.

Great book for just about anyone who wants to get stronger without getting obsessive.

This is a good book, but loses points due to high price and incessant marketing drivel.

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