Monday, February 05, 2007

Naked Warrior - July, 2005

I read Pavel's books and enjoyed them. I got some good stuff out of them. These reviews still reflect what I think.


Overhyped, but Sound

Pavel is pretty hyped up in the Strength & Conditioning world. He's got good credentials and, more importantly, a great gimmick. The whole Evil Russian thing gets them in by the truckload. I, for one, am happy enough to see Pavel enjoying the fruits of capitalism.

Aside from all the marketing drivel, Pavel's onto something with this book. It's all about the one armed pushup and one legged squat. Two great exercises which are very hard to master, but fantastically useful in your program.

What I like most about this book is the details on how to progress to the point where you can perform the exercises. This is a subject that I haven't seen adequately covered before.

From here, Pavel shows variations which he contends make for a whole body workout. I don't know about the WHOLE body, but he comes close. He also makes good points about the use of tension and how relatively ineffective calithenic exercises with high reps are.

This is a good book, but loses points due to high price and incessant marketing drivel.

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