Friday, February 23, 2007

Jiu-Jitsu.Net Online Training Program

Edit: It's a little sad, but I have to change my view of this service. The Seven day risk free trial isn't. You can certainly cancel within seven days. However, there is a minimum seven days notice required to cancel - according to the service's administrators ( Unfortunately, I have to change my mind on whether it's worth looking at. The answer is no. Unlike the other online training sites, there is no real risk free trial period.

Firstly, let me say that I have heard all the rumours about Gene Simco (the owner and instructor in this case). I have always made up my own mind about people. My very brief interaction with him and those on this site has shown that he is a nice guy who seems to have a genuine passion for Jiu Jitsu. As a lowly blue belt, I consider myself unqualified to judge someone's talent, so I can't comment on that area.

Firstly, Jiu-Jitsu.Net's online program seems to have been around much longer than the others I've seen. Simco was also one of the first Americans to mass market BJJ to the american public. I wanted to see if this program was comparable to the others on the net, so I signed up for the program's very generous 1 week free trial.

The training group is set up as a forum which claims in excess of 5600 members. At $6.95 per week, that should be pulling some serious coin. If the figure is accurate, Simco is surely getting to a lot of subscribers.

The forum has sections containing still shot sequences and videos from each position. The best way to access the resources, though, is through the threads on the "Online Jiu-Jitsu Classes" forum. This forum has lists of techniques with links to the videos or still sequenece resources. The lists are set up in a logical sequence for designing a class.

The number of resources seems fairly high. I figure it would go close in number to JJ Machado's program. That said, the videos do seem a little light on details and variations are in separate videos.

The forum concept was probably a great idea when the website started. However, it's a little hard to navigate and pull out the resources you want. If one wanted to find a technique to work against a very specific posture or resistance, I'd doubt it would happen without pulling your hair out a little. Mind you, Simco is available to pinpoint you in the right direction.

From browsing the forum, I found that Simco is habitually polite and helpful in finding the right resources.

An annoyance I had while perusing the site was that the earlier videos haven't been re-edited to suit the newer video styles. Some of the files seem much newer, have great titling and editing and excellent production. Others (presumably earlier ones) have little to no titling and different formats. There are wmv files, rm files and old files that seemed to be hosted at another site with dead links. This does little for the professionalism.

Unfortunately, what may once have been a great resource is definitely showing its age. At $6.95 per week, it's more expensive than the Jean Jacques Machado's service and lacks many of the functions it presents.

Once, I might have recommended this program. And, perhaps with an update, it might be up to the new standard that has been set.

Jiu-Jitsu.Net Online Training

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