Friday, February 23, 2007

The Single Leg - Takedowns 101

'The Single Leg' is an independently produced DVD starring Ken Primola - a BJJ brown belt and D1 college wrestler. I first became aware of Ken's work when I visited his Myspace site to check out some technique videos I'd heard about. I found the videos to be clear and well presented without being verbose. Nonetheless, I balked at purchasing the video since it is an independant release with no history. However, when had a sale, I couldn't resist.

First things first. The price is excellent and the shipping to Australia was extremely cheap and fast. I paid by Paypal, too. This is a helpful option to me as it resticts my liability to fraud. Not that it was necessary, here.

I've always been able to get a single leg easily despite not being taught how. I've historically had a bit of trouble finishing from the position, though. I've had a bit of help here and there and I've seen a number ofinstructionals that I've gotten a bit from here and there.

This DVD is good from that point of view because it doesn't assume the viewer has been heavily exposed to wrestling. In different chapters, Ken goes over the major wrestling stances, three setups and eleven finishes to the single leg. Previous to this, I had one setup and three finishes. Now, tthere are a few from this series I'm successfully working into my game - with and without the gi.

Ken is relatively soft-spoken and approaches instruction with a slow and deliberate approach, rich in detail. Production is of a very high standard, especially considering the DVD's humble origins. The chapters are set up perfectly to enable easy navigation and the chapters flow logically.

The only criticism from a prodcution standpoint is that a little work can go into choosing clothing for Ken and the other models.

All in all, this is a great set for a great price. The focus on a small segment of the game and a 'no-ego' approach sells this DVD to the grappler with less freestyle exposure very well.

Takedowns 101
101 Myspace Page

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