Friday, February 23, 2007

Gameness Platinum Weave Gi

A month or two back, I retired one of my competition gis. My Krugans had been repaired so many times the inside had pretty much an entire extra layer of calico holding it together. After much deliberation, I chose to try the new Gameness Platinum Weave gi. I'd heard great things about it, and I was determined to give it a look.

Firstly, I'd like to explain that I bought the gi from I was very impressed with their prices and service. So much so that I'll be purchasing from them again.

Before we get into it, the gi I purchased is size A5 and I am 6'7" (with long, thick legs) and get around in the 280's (127kg +) for weight.

First Impressions: I've heard the Gameness described as light. I'm no expert, so I can't really comment. It seems about the same as Gold weave KF gi and significantly lighter than my Keiko. I'll tell you one thing, though - it's soft and comfortable. There are a few too many patches on it for my liking, but they are fairly tasteful. In fact, they're starting to grow on me.

Oh, and the pants are the best ever!

In Detail: We'll start with the pants..... I like thick pants and rope drawstrings. Previously, my favourite pants were my Keiko ones. However, the Gameness improves on these by being longer (the Keikos never quite made it to the end of my legs) and a slimmer cut. I'd never thought about this in the past, but it is much more comfortable while rolling.

Further, the material, while thick and strong, is softer than the Keiko by a long shot. Another nice touch is the softer rope drawstring. I prefer rope as it's easier to deal with, especially when the gi is wet with sweat, but the Gameness' softer drawstring makes it even easier and seems more comfortable.

The jacket is a softer, gold weave-like material. If I had to describe it, I'd call it a "double gold-weave", but I don't actually know anything about textiles, so take that for what it's worth. It doesn't seem any heavier than gold-weave gis, though.

The jacket is of what I'd term a medium cut in the body. It is nowhere near as tight as my Isami and closes quite high on my chest in comparison. The sleeves are comfortable for my arms, which are probably a little bigger than average. The sleeves would just be Judo-legal as well. That means there's fair bit of room, but it doesn't look like flags hanging off your wrists.

The collar is pretty heavy. I won't usually buy a gi if the collar isn't heavy. I need all the help I can get. This one gets points because it's softer than some others (making it more comfortable during long training sessions) without sacrificing "choke security".

Conclusion: All in all, I like this gi. I can see it becoming one of my favourites. It will take a while for me to grieve the gi it replaces, though. It seems to appeal to the majority of BJJ practitioners, too. With moderate fitting in all areas, softness and high "strength to weight" ratio. Price is very competitive and the company has a great reputation.

This gi is well worth considering.

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