Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kimonos Fighter (KF) Gold Weave Competition Kimono

When I bought my KF from Rio Fightwear a couple of years ago, I did so on the promise of the best pants in the business, according to a friend of mine. Since Rio Fightwear's website had a special on the blue one, I took it up. For the record, the same gi is still on there for $119.95. I think I paid $104.95, but I can't be 100% sure.

Material: The material is gold weave. It seems a little lighter than the Keiko Raca model, though. It also seems a little more pliable than my friends' Atamas, but that could be my imagination. The collar is softer and thinner than my other gis.

Interestingly, the gi jacket turned ever so slightly purple after a few washes. It was only ever washed by itself, too.

The pants are made out of a very heavy, very hard and course canvas with double thickness panels in the front all the way down the leg. This is what my friend had referred to as the best pants he'd seen. He still thinks so now. I'll disagree, though. I prefer my pants to be soft - although I do like them to be a little heavy. The rope drawstring is a big bonus, though.

Fit: As far as I can tell, the KF is a fairly large fit. The lapels wrap past the split seams on the body of the gi unless I'm getting really fat. The sleeve cuffs are are about the same size as an Atama. They probably would be on the border of legality in a Judo competition.

The pants are a little too much for me. The waist is very wide and has to be adjusted a long way to fit me. That's not terribly comfortable - even with the rope drawstring. The legs are a very baggy fit and seem ridiculously short. The A5 pants finish about four inches above my ankles.

Fit-wise, I stopped wearing the KF a long time ago. It has, however, found a good home with a training partner of mine, who is significantly shorter and a little heavier.

Bottom Line: My KF pants seemed to be sized like a very baggy A4. The pants are very heavy, hard and coarse and I found them uncomfortable. That said, the guy who wears the gi now is very happy with it. The wide, short fitting pants and reasonably generous jacket point to a useful gi for the shorter, stockier Jiu Jitsu practitioner.

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