Monday, February 05, 2007

Renzo Gracie / Craig Kukuk Instructional Set - March, 2005

It got three stars from me at the time, which is odd. I've given worse products that rating. I probably should have given it our, since it helped me more than any other set in getting my game together. It's old, but I still like it today.


Old School, Simple Instruction

This is one of the earlier tape sets. You won't find any flash techniques and you won't find the "game development" type format prevalent today. What you will find is good, solid techniques the beginner and early intermediate can incorporate immediately.

This set leverages Craig Kukuk's clear instruction style and Renzo Gracie's intricate knowledge. It shows great details to techniques you can use.

The more advanced BJJ practitioner might not learn a great deal of new stuff, but it's probably worth a look. I picked up a lot of good stuff, especially from the headlock tape.

The set has been eclipsed as an instructional, now, but is a great resource for the beginner.

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