Monday, February 05, 2007

Krugans Tribal Gi - March, 2005

This was my first Amazon review. I have no idea why they had this product on Amazon. I've just retired this gi after two years of faithful service and many repairs. The gi isn't as sturdy as some, but is beautifully cut for competition.

I originally gave it four stars. Compared to new gis today, I'd probably give it a fairly solid three.


Good for Hot Weather

Krugans' cloth is a double weave fabric that is still lighter than gold or hybrid weaves. For this reason, they tend to get a bad rap in many reviews. There seems to be a consensus that heavier is better. Especially with double weave gis.

I won't disagree that a heavy gi is great. I have a number of very heavy gis, and I like them. However, I also live in an extremely hot and humid climate where heavier double weave gis are difficult to train in.

The Krugans gives me many of the benefits of the heavier gi (long lasting, difficult to grip) but is cooler and breathes easier.

The gi fits snugly (size A5 - I'm 6'7", 280lb).

The patches and embroidery on the Tribal are a bit over the top, but they do seem to be the fashion.

All in all the gi would have got a three, but gets a little more for its hot weather ability

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