Monday, February 05, 2007

Canon of Judo by Kyuzo Mifune - September, 2005

If you study any form of gi grappling, you need this book. I originally gave it five stars. I would have given it six, if I could. I love historical texts.


Tough to Rate Any Other Way

There really isn't anything to say that others haven't said already. I just wanted to weigh in with my perspective.

I've been studying Judo for a couple of years, now, after an eighteen year layoff from it. During this time, I've studied other forms of martial arts - especially wreslting and BJJ.

Judo has become a major part of my Jiu Jitsu and 'The Canon of Judo' takes pride of place in my library. Not just as a technical manual, but as a hearty slice of martial arts history.

Judo was one of the earliest "mixed" martial arts styles and Mifune was one of the earliest and truest masters. To read his descriptions and see his performance in the photos is somewhat inspiring.

Further, earlier texts give us a chance to see where the more modern systems come from. The Canon shows me the origin of my BJJ and helps me understand its roots.

The book doesn't have the luxuries of modern photography and the translations can lose something, but that's not really the point with books like this one.

A most important text.

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